“Will we see the northern lights?..”

…..was the first question i asked myself after booking iceland. I was prepared for a week of rough weather with a lot of wind, snow and rain. As we arrived at the airport there was a blizzard outside with a lot of snow, but after some hours the sun comes through and we get the car after this blizzard we get clear skies for the whole week the weather doesn’t changes and this means we will get a view to the awesome aurora borealis at 5 of 7 nights. We reached our first hotel after 1,5 hour of driving from the airport of Keflavikt to the little village of Hveragerði. Can’t explain how beautiful it was to see the first sunset at iceland while driving to snowy landscape. I start thinking i was landed on ice planet “Hoth” out of the star wars saga.

Bringe me back to life..

Is it real or is it just a dream ? Its real and i start catching every moment i could catch and i can say there were a lot of this amazing little and big moments… !

The first night we didn’t get a view on the northern lights but the next days were really amazing and i have no words to describe this nights so i choose some pictures to show what happen if you want to visit iceland and want to see the northern lights feel free to ask me for an advice 😀

If you are interested in joining my instagram page here is a view on one of my postings out of iceland an i will be back soon to iceland !